Cotton Candy Coffee

Cheers! Two years ago today, Jonathan and I got married. Happy anniversary, hon! 

Cotton Candy Coffee

That week, we spontaneously drove to Desert Hot Springs to camp and hike around Joshua Tree for a few days. On the morning of January 3rd, my mom called to see where we were, and to tell us that in Mandarin, 1/3/13 is pronounced yi-san-yi-san, which she thought was cute because it means “twinkle twinkle” (like the little stars).

Maybe I was still delirious from the lack of sleep from the previous week (why would anyone want to close a deal between Christmas and New Year’s and make junior lawyers work through the holidays??), but it seemed like too good of a date to let it go unused.

Cotton Candy Coffee

We had no rings with us, no dress, no vows written, but we drove to the closest county clerk’s office, filled out some forms, grabbed a witness (thank you stranger grandma), and got married! We were still in our hiking gear, but luckily I had tossed a mascara in my bag before we left home. The officiant literally wrote our names on a post-it note, put a black robe over her normal clothes, and was done in 5 minutes. It was that kind of wedding.

Cotton Candy Coffee

Later that month, we went to Norway for a husky safari around the Arctic Circle, where we exchanged rings under the Northern Lights. And then a few months after that we celebrated our union with friends and family.

Cotton Candy Coffee

We woke up this morning to celebrate our “cotton” anniversary with cotton candy coffee. We poured hot espresso over cotton candy and cold milk to make a sweetened iced latte. It is a beautiful drink. I absolutely loved watching the cotton candy melt under the hot coffee, and the espresso swirl together with the milk.

Cotton Candy Coffee

In fact, it was so much fun watching it happen that I made cotton candy coffee into a little animated gif for you! Ah just watch that fluffy piece of cotton candy melt right into the coffee!

Cotton Candy Coffee Gif

Whew, it has been a busy few weeks for us with Christmas, my birthday, New Years and now our anniversary. Thanks for joining along and for all the well wishes! Cheers to all!

Cotton Candy Coffee


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Cotton Candy Coffee
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast
Serves: 1
  • 2 shots of espresso (I used a Nespresso capsule)
  • ½ a glass of milk
  • a few ice cubes
  • a handful of cotton candy
  1. Pour the milk into an 8oz or 12oz glass with ice cubes. If you like your coffee stronger, use the 8oz glass.
  2. Gently shape the cotton candy so it forms a ball just a bit bigger than than the top of the glass you are using. Stick a skewer through the center of the ball and rest the cotton candy on the glass.
  3. Slowly pour the hot espresso over the cotton candy.
  4. Mix and serve.

If you love to pin, here’s a strip of the cotton candy coffee!

Cotton Candy Coffee


  1. Never heard of coffee cotton candy before. It sounds very interesting as I’m a huge can of cotton candy and a coffee drinker as well. I think the blend would be magical. Thanks for sharing! I’ll definitely look more into this and maybe try it one day!

  2. Just popping in to let you know I’ve included your recipe in my round-up of iced coffee recipes on Taste As You Go. Thanks for contributing!

  3. This is such a beautiful blog post, both the recipe and the wedding :-)

  4. I love this! Can’t wait to try it this weekend. And what an absolute lovely story

  5. What a lovely story, and such gorgeous photos! Congratulations!

  6. I love this story and your cotton wedding anniversary recipe! Much more creative than the clothes I think I bought my husband that year :)

  7. Wow amazing! It looks like something that Starbucks should do haha.


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