The Summer Color Salad

It’s summertime!   The sun is out (even in London), and the farmer market’s are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.  The fruits and vegetables are so vibrant in color that I had to create a salad that captured the summer vibe.  Today’s salad is a quick mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, quickly tossed in olive oil and lemon juice and arranged to show-off each of their bright colors.

Summer - Final Greens

Baby herb lettuce mix – I used a premix bag from Waitrose since it was easier than to buy a small handful of each ingredient.  The mix contained about 70% lettuce (red frilly lettuce and green frilly lettuce) and 30% baby herbs (rocket, coriander (UK) or cilantro (US), flat leaf parsley, and chives.  I am a coriander / cilantro hater, and took out all the coriander / cilantro.  I don’t think there is a set mixture that you need to use, but simply mix together some lettuce and herbs at a 70 to 30 ratio.


Belgian Endives – This vegetable is extremely easy to use, and provides a mild and slightly bitter taste.  It paired nicely with the herbs since it has a very neutral taste and gives the greens a good crunch.


Cherry Tomatoes – The term “Cherry Tomato” basically refers to any tomato under 1 inch in diameter.  I picked the biggest round ones for today’s salad so that they stand out and aren’t lost behind the other vegetables.

Pomegranate Seeds – These sweet, juicy, tangy seeds add a very nice crunch to the salad.  They are also small enough that you can get several on each forkful.

Summer - Side


Baby Carrots – I used true “baby”, and not just the “baby-cut” carrots.  They are a sweeter and thinner than “baby-cut” carrots, and the tops can be kept on for presentation.


Blueberries – The sweet juice from these blueberries pair well with the herbs in the mix.  The salad is only lightly tossed with olive oil, but the juices from the blueberries and pomegranates “dress” the lettuce and herbs when you bite into them.


Lemon Juice – A final zing of the lemon juice gives it it a bright flavor perfect for a sunny day.

The Summer Color Salad

Serves 2 

– 100g (approx 1 bag) of a a babyleaf herb salad mix (or make your own by using a 70/30 ratio for lettuce to baby herbs)
– 2 Belgian endives
– 10 plump cherry tomatoes
– 6 baby carrots, with the greens left on for presentation
– 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
– 1 cup blueberries

– 2 tablespoon olive oil
– 2 tsp lemon juice
– dash of salt

To prepare the salad mix, cut the endives crosswise into 1 cm slices, discarding the root end and the hard inner core.  Mix the endives and the babyleaf herb salad mix together in a large bowl and wash and dry thoroughly.  Wash and dry the cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and blueberries.

To prepare the dressing, mix together the olive oil and lemon juice in a small bowl.  Add a dash of salt and mix well.

To assemble, toss the salad mix with the dressing.  Plate the salad mix on two large plates.  Add the baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, blueberries and pomegranate seeds over the salad mix evenly.

Summer Color Salad

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