Friday Fives: Tea-Inspired Breakfast Recipes (Week 10)

Each Friday, I share five favorite breakfast recipes that are worth checking out from around the web. This week I’m sharing five delicious tea-inspired breakfast recipes! Yesterday, my friend Bonnie from Thirsty for Tea shared a bit about mornings on her worktop with us. If you haven’t met Bonnie yet, pop on over to her guest post to find out her favorite porridge toppings.

We’re keeping with the tea-theme today, so get ready for five delicious tea-inspired breakfast recipes!

Friday Fives Breakfast Inspired Recipes

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Dairy Free Chai Spiced Yogurt with Warm Berry Sauce

Dairy Free Chai Spiced Yogurt
Photo: Simple Roots Wellness

This dairy-free “yogurt” is made with coconut cream and almond milk, and flavored with a mix of warming spices. Enjoy this as a morning breakfast or even as an afternoon snack!

Get the Dairy Free Chai Spiced Yogurt with Warm Berry Sauce recipe by Simple Roots Wellness.

Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry Ripple + Pistachio Cream

Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry Ripple Pistachio CreamPhoto: Half Baked Harvest

This beautiful porridge is made by simmering steel cut oats (pinhead oats) with coconut milk, a vanilla bean and black tea. Right before serving, top with an intensely purple acai and berry blend, and a spoonful of pistachio cream for a decadent breakfast!

Get the Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry Ripple + Pistachio Cream recipe by Half Baked Harvest.

Irish Oat Flapjacks

Irish Oat Flapjacks
Photo: Thirsty for Tea

These Irish Oat Flapjacks are made by Bonnie – this week’s guest blogger! She came across flapjacks while visiting the UK, and found way to bring them back to her own kitchen. Sure, some might think these are a tea time snack instead of a breakfast. But hey, it’s made with oats, right? :)

Get the Irish Oat Flapjacks recipe by Thirsty for Tea.

Afternoon Lemon Ginger Tea

Lemon Ginger Tea
Photo: XO Amys

This cleansing tea helps boost the immune system and releases stress. Ginger and lemon are both rich in antioxidants and vitamins and will give you a perfect start to the day. For those non-coffee days, give this refreshing tea a try.

Get the Afternoon Lemon and Ginger Tea recipe by XO Amys.

Superfood Shamrock Shake

Superfood Shamrock Smoothie
Photo: Real Food and Ice Cream

This smoothie is packed with energy boosters, mood enhancers, vitamins, antioxidants and heart healthy fats. Of course, it has a handful of fresh mint, which makes it a shamrock smoothie.

Get the Superfoods Shamrock Smoothie recipe by Real Food and Ice Cream.

Happy weekend! Have a wonderful Pi day tomorrow, and if you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s day this weekend too, let these delicious green breakfasts help you get started.

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Five Tea-Inspired Breakfast Recipes

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