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The Worktop Pop-up Brunch

Hosting The Worktop Pop-Up Brunch – Photos and Menu

In my last post, I mentioned that I hosted a pop-up brunch in our home this past weekend. It was so much fun, and I just wanted to share a bit about the menu and experience with you. I'm no expert - this was only my second time, but there's no better way to learn how to host than to just do it! The Worktop Pop-Up Brunch Tasting Menu Single Origin Pour-over Coffee Classic Blueberry Muffins Organic Greek Yogurt Parfaits with Berry Spice Compote and Seeded Granola Dino Kale Salad with Free … [keep reading]

New Recipes on The Worktop

Seeded Granola

Seeded Granola – Uses 4 of the 10 healthiest seeds!

This past weekend, I hosted a pop-up brunch at our flat and it was an amazing experience. As fun as it is posting and sharing recipes with you all, this was a way to bring my worktop to life! There's nothing better than serving a group of food lovers the recipes I've worked hard to perfect … [keep reading]

Sprouted Oat Smoothie

Super Sprouted Oat Smoothie

Good morning! Did you have a good weekend? We had a really fun one here in London. I hosted a seven-course pop-up brunch (six, if you don't count specialty drinks) at our flat for eight people! I loved it and met some really interesting folks. I was curious to find out what type of folks that would … [keep reading]

More Recipes on The Worktop

Sprouted Buckwheat Waffles with Blood Orange Whipped Butter

Sprouted Buckwheat Waffles with Blood Orange Whipped Butter

Why did the boy get no breakfast? He waffled around too much! Ha ha. Poor boy. Good thing we're not the boy, and we had a delicious breakfast here! These sprouted buckwheat waffles are incredibly tasty and healthy. … ...

Blood Orange Whipped Butter | The Worktop

Blood Orange Whipped Butter

Happy Monday! We're still recovering from a weekend of Chinese New Year celebrations (i.e., overindulging on food), and I just want to crawl back into bed. But this drool-worthy blood orange whipped butter called out to … ...

Nutty Nut Pancake Stack

Nutty Nut Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day! I give you (via Buzzfeed) 17 reasons why Pancake Day is the best day ever! It's time to go NUTS over pancakes! And to do that, I present you with Nutty Nut Pancakes. Yes, that's two nuts in there … ...

Healthy Puffed Cereal Bars | The Worktop

Healthy No-Bake Puffed Cereal Bars (Gluten Free and Vegan)

Granola bars are such a phenomenon and there are so many things to love about them! There are endless varieties (chewy, crunchy, raw, baked) and unlimited ingredients to put into them (nuts, fruits, seeds, chocolate, … ...

Vegan Farinata with Mushrooms

Farinata with Wild Mushrooms and Garlic Aioli (Vegan and Gluten Free)

Hello again. This morning I posted a cookbook review of The Fresh Vegan Kitchen by David and Charlotte Bailey, and here's the recipe for Farinata with Wild Mushrooms and Garlic Aioli that goes along with my cookbook … ...

Spicy Puffed Rice - Borugulu

Spicy Puffed Rice (Borugulu) (Gluten Free and Vegan)

Spicy Puffed Rice (borugulu) never struck me as a breakfast food until I made it and loved starting my day eating it. Once I gave it some thought, I've decided that it's actually just a variation on eating cereal for … ...

Pancake Ice Cream Sandwiches | The Worktop

Pancake Ice Cream Sandwiches

These little pancake ice cream sandwiches are so much fun to eat for breakfast! They are great little treats to make any time of the year, but in case you missed it, last Saturday was Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast … ...

Meet the Latest Guest Blogger

Camilla Barnard Feature

Mornings on Rude Health Co-Founder, Camilla Barnard’s Worktop

I've had the pleasure to work with Rude Health over the past few weeks. Today, Camilla Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health, shares a bit about mornings on her worktop. Rude Health is a London-based company that produces a delicious range of real and honest food with nothing artificial or refined. You might have seen some Rude Health products on The Worktop - sprouted whole buckwheat flour, almond drink, spelt flakes, puffed brown rice, and puffed oats. I am addicted to their products and can rave … [Keep Reading...]

New on the London Brunch Guide

Caravan King's Cross - Cornbread with Chipotle Butter and Spring Onions

Cornbread with Chipotle Butter and Spring Onions by Caravan King’s Cross

This recipe for Cornbread with Chipotle Butter and Spring Onions  is from London's Caravan King's Cross.  It's a beautiful combination of simple cornbread and a spicy chipotle butter. A perfect way to bring the restaurant to your own home! If you would like to learn more about this brunch spot, I have recently written about my lovely visit to Caravan King's Cross. Cornbread with Chipotle Butter   Save Print Prep time 20 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 1 hour 5 … [Keep Reading...]