Rise and Shine! Start your day with…

Healthy Zucchini and Oat Muffins

Why did the little boy eat yeast and shoe polish before going to bed?

So he could rise and shine in the morning!

Ha ha! If it were only that easy! I’m relaunching The Worktop today with a focus on breakfast and brunch foods. Yum!Healthy Breakfast Zucchini and Oat Muffins | TheWorktop.com

Every morning, the thought of breakfast and coffee is what gets me up out of bed. I’m lucky since I work at a coffee shop. All I really have to do is cycle myself over to the shop in the morning, and I can get the best cup of coffee in London, on the house. Also, London is a great place to be for breakfast and brunch because new brunch dishes are always showing up on menus, and new cafes are constantly popping up.

Healthy Breakfast Zucchini and Oat Muffins | TheWorktop.com After a year of sporadically writing about all things I cook on my worktop, I’ve decided to focus The Worktop on breakfast and brunch foods prepared by me, other home cooks, and London cafes. I’ll be looking for guest bloggers to show us how they do breakfasts on their worktops. I’ll also be interviewing cafes to get a glimpse of breakfasts prepared on professional worktops. I hope you join me along the way, either by writing a guest post, or by reading about breakfast and brunches on The Worktop and sharing your thoughts. [Keep Reading...]

Farmbox Minestrone with Kolhrabi |theWorktop.com

Farmbox Minestrone Soup with Kohlrabi: Made Using Vegetables from London’s Cycling Veg

This minestrone soup is made with all veggies from my farmbox! Last week I received a huge crate of fresh organic vegetables delivered by London’s most exciting farmbox delivery scheme, Cycling Veg. Cycling Veg is this awesome start-up that delivers crates of organic veggies (and fruits) to your flat weekly by bicycle. I love the idea that the delivery is […]

Homemade Rhubarb Cake | theWorktop.com

Rhubarb Butter Cake – Elegant and Simplistic

This rhubarb butter cake really snuck up on me, and surprised me with its sweet, buttery tartness! I had a few rhubarb stalks in my fridge that were on their last legs and needed to be used up, and of all the rhubarb recipes out there, I am so happy I ended up making this rhubarb butter cake! […]

Roasted Beet Salad with Arugula and Feta | theWorktop.com

Honey Roasted Beetroot Salad

Summer is coming to an end, and the good news is that it’s harvest time!!! Today I want to share with you a simple beetroot salad recipe I developed using veggies grown on my rooftop garden. This salad uses beets, rondo carrots and rocket. Super easy veggies that you can grow too, if you have a little […]