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Farmbox Minestrone Soup with Kohlrabi: Made Using Vegetables from London's Cycling Veg

This minestrone soup is made with all veggies from my farmbox! Last week I received a huge crate of fresh organic vegetables delivered by London’s most exciting farmbox delivery scheme, Cycling Veg. Cycling Veg is this awesome start-up that delivers crates of organic veggies (and fruits) to your flat weekly by bicycle. I love the idea that the delivery is done in such a sustainable way. Plus, your cyclingvegger (aka delivery person) is also super […]


Rhubarb Butter Cake - Elegant and Simplistic

This rhubarb butter cake really snuck up on me, and surprised me with its sweet, buttery tartness! I had a few rhubarb stalks in my fridge that were on their last legs and needed to be used up, and of all the rhubarb recipes out there, I am so happy I ended up making this rhubarb butter cake! So delicious! I didn’t intend to have old stalks of rhubarb in my fridge, but […]


Honey Roasted Beetroot Salad

Summer is coming to an end, and the good news is that it’s harvest time!!! Today I want to share with you a simple beetroot salad recipe I developed using veggies grown on my rooftop garden. This salad uses beets, rondo carrots and rocket. Super easy veggies that you can grow too, if you have a little space. My rooftop garden is made up of four large planters on the patio of the […]


A Mouthwatering Watermelon Salad with Feta Cheese

Watermelon! I love watermelons! Just feeling that hollow *thump* when I pat a ripe watermelon makes me salivate. All summer, we’ve been eating watermelons just one after another. With no A/C in our flat (or most anywhere in London), watermelons are the quickest way to cool off. During the hottest weeks, when the summer heat made make me so lazy that I wouldn’t even want to expend any energy to pick out the seeds to eat the watermelon, I would juice the entire thing […]


Easy Speculoos Popcorn - a Modern Take on Caramel Corn

Do you remember the first time you tasted speculoos? Can you still remember the initial confusion your tastebuds had to the sugary, spicy and buttery taste? Maybe you thought it was a familiar flavor, and tried to pin it to something. But you couldn’t, because it wasn’t quite caramel and it wasn’t all cinnamon. Or did you immediately exclaim (mouth still full and all), “you’ve got to try this!!” to everyone within ear-shot? If you haven’t […]


Black Pepper Mango Juice - *Serrano Chili Optional

Juicing has become a ritual in our household. Whenever I start preparing for dinner, Jonathan joins me in the kitchen. While I wash, chop and cook dinner, he’s by my side scrubbing his own pile of fruits and vegetables for the juicer. I got the juicer last year for my birthday, and we’ve juiced almost every day since then. Hands down, it is the most frequently used gadget we have sitting on […]


Visiting Porto Portugal

Olá! Jonathan and I visited Porto, Portugal last weekend and had a wonderful four days exploring this welcoming European city. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rests along the Douro River, at the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean. We spent our days strolling through the city, breathing in the salty ocean breezes and eating plates and plates of freshly caught seafood. Every so often during the day, when our feet needed a break, we […]


Baked Eggs and Kale on Hashbrowns

We eat a lot of eggs in this household, and it’s one of those things Jonathan and I take the exact same way, every time. For a quick breakfast, we’ll plop six eggs into a saucepan and eat them hard-boiled. I get 2, Jonathan eats 4, and we rarely ever eat the egg yolks. If we have a handful of leftover spinach or mushrooms, we make omelettes (two whites + one yolk for me, […]


A Rhubarb Affair

It’s so tart! I couldn’t keep my eyes from squinting from the sourness of it. The crisp bite and the wateriness of it gave it a wonderful texture, but it was a rude awakening on my unsuspecting taste buds. I only recently had my first real experience with rhubarb. Had I had it before? I’m not too sure. Perhaps in a tart or a crumble? But if I had, it didn’t make a […]


Grilled Croissants (a la plancha)

It seems like everyone has their “I almost burned down the kitchen” story. I finally have mine. I set a croissant on fire in my oven. Within seconds, it went from being a lovely toasty croissant into a blazing fireball. No worries though. I turned off the oven, kept the door closed, and the fire quickly lost its appetite. The croissant transformed into a piece of charcoal, but no other casualties. After that experience, I haven’t put a […]


Strawberry Banana Mini Pie Bites

Mini Pie Bites are fun and versatile to make! Simply roll out a pie crust, cut with a cookie cutter, bake and top with pastry cream and fruit.  These are topped with strawberries and bananas, but you can get creative! I walk into a grocery store here, and I’m bombarded by new foods and products and packagings on the shelves. Take McVities, for example. Every American probably knows about the infamous […]


Goji Berries & Oats | Vegan Raw Energy Bars

These Goji Berries & Oats Vegan Raw Energy Bars are made with oats, natural peanut butter, goji berries, pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. They are simple to make and a perfect pick me up snack any time of the day.  It’s T-8 days to the Paris Marathon, and the countdown is on! I added this marathon on my to-do list a few years ago because running down the Champs-Elysées, past the […]


The Windowsill Garden [Part 2]

Three weeks ago, I planted a few seeds on my windowsill garden, and oh how they’ve grown!  On my last post, I introduced you to a few of the plants and seedlings – basil, serrano chili peppers, tomatoes and my beloved bonsai tree. Life’s still the same here – stumbling to the windowsill garden each morning and trying to spot the new growth. Today, I want you to meet the […]


The Windowsill Garden [Part 1]

Lately, I can’t walk past my windowsill without stopping to inspect and adore my new indoor garden. It’s still a bit young, but it’s commanding a lot of my attention, and every morning, I stumble straight to my little windowsill garden. It becomes a game of memory, where I pick out what has changed since the previous evening. Are there new seedings sprouting? Did any of the plants grow a […]


Croutons with Rustic Sourdough Bread and Red Pepper Infused Butter

Make your own croutons! This stovetop recipe for croutons is easy and delicious.  The flavor of the rustic sourdough crouton complements any soup or salad, while adding a bit of heat. It’s 5 PM and we shut the doors at the coffee shop. The vacuum starts whirling, we start taking apart the espresso machine to clean it, and one of us starts to put away the food on display. The […]


German Pancake Recipe (aka Dutch Baby) for Pancake Day!

This recipe is for a deliciously thin crepe-like & pop-over-like German Pancake (aka Dutch Baby).  The edges of the German Pancake rise up as much as 4 inches, forming an iconic bowl shape.  Serve it with a squeeze of lemon juice and a sprinkle of powdered sugar for a captivating brunch. Pancake day is coming up on March 4th, and I wanted to share with you my favorite pancake, the […]